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Our Director

Angela Tabora is a California native who got her Bachelors degree in Radio and TV from San Francisco State University. She was chosen to produce and direct a documentary funded by the school, entitled “Finding More”, on the San Francisco Morehouse, an experimental commune founded in 1968, who placed an emphasis on sensual education. After college, she worked in post production on HGTV’s “Get It Together”, for Edelman Productions. With a thirst for life and a growing curiosity of the unknown, she quit work to travel the world off and on for the better part of the last 7 years. Nineteen countries later, she met The Nomadic Family in Cambodia, and decided to marry her love for documentaries with her passion for travel. 

Our Producer 

Erin Lim is a Bay Area native and a San Francisco resident of 7 years. A graduate of the California State University​ Hayward, Erin is currently a Senior Publicist for the film marketing sector of the Allied-THA company handling three ​major film companies publicity in Northern California.  Erin’s career has been in the local communications medium for 17 years and has spent the majority of that career in private and public television production. Erin has worked at three out of the five major television news stations in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in cable television (HGTV and The History Channel) and with the Oracle Corporation's in house production department. Following television Erin fell into the Public Relations/Marketing arena - first in hospitality with The Ritz-Carlton company for four years at their Half Moon Bay property and now in the film industry.
When not working, you can find Erin at local live music venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, at the gym,checking out a new dive bar or getting a great cup of coffee at Phillz or Blue Bottle Coffee.

Our Director of Photography

It was during his undergraduate years at Yale University that Noah Cooper realized filmmaking was the ultimate combination of all his interests. In 2005 he graduated with a BA in Film Studies. Since then he has continued to make indie films of all genres, from crime drama, to documentary, to the action/ comedy “Ninja Zombies", which has recently been released both internationally and in the States.  In addition to his passion for filmmaking, he has a love affair with the martial arts and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He also earned a JD from Quinnipiac University School of Law (which he hopes to never put to any use).




Betsy Abendroth

Luisa Adams

Shelly Auyeung

Scott Bahlavooni

Beau Behan

Tracy Benham

Justin Berger

Nicole Bidwell

Diane Boultinghouse

Jeff Busch

Deanna Canepa

Megan Carey

Miguel Carrillo

Kimberly Carswell

Sanjeeth Cherian

Jennifer Chiesa

Noelle Cisneros

Noah Cooper

Mercedes Cormier

Glenda Dayao

Jessica Ivy Distad

Mary Dorochowicz

Anne Drago

Karen Edlefsen

Brianna Foehr

Avi Fomberg

Lori Foster

Scott Foster

Aaron Friedman

Anne Gacula

Allen Gardner

Sukhjit Ghag

Michael Giudice

Kathy L. Gottberg

Brandon Horne

Matt R. Horne

Richard Horne

Meghan Hurder

Abdil Hussein

Letitian Ivins

Chloe Jackman

Katherine E. Jackson

Reggie Jackson

Courtney Kieta

Yeon Soo Kim

Virginia King

The Klaf Family

Kimberly Kuramoto

Amalia Lapkin

Niel Levonius

Lauren Lim

Susan Callaway Lim

Katie Mathis

Carrie Matsuo

Jaime McCombe

Leah McGowen-Hare

Monica Melton

Samah Menoufy

Joel L’Affreux Miranda


Doug Molidor

Karen Montgomery

Justin P. Moore

Nancy Moore

Michael Moshe

Karen Moy

Jill Murphy

Pat and Jim Murphy

Simon Nitschke

Charles M. Okura

Jeannette Paige

Karyn Paige

Laura Parple

Liz Payne

Alicia Perez

Mona Perez

Mark Perry

Cathryn Poff

Maureen Prather

Dino-Ray Ramos

Tayra Del Real

Liina Reinart

Christina Ricci

Santo Riva

Anita T. Rodrigues

Nick Rodrigues

Erin Rogge

Nile Rowan

Yesenia Salas

Maria Sanz

Elizabeth Schleicher

Isabelle Schorsch

Maryam Shad

Sela Shiloni and Jeremy Baril

Rachel Shinfeld

Paul Simmonds

Jennifer Stokx

Arun Storrs

Lisa Stuardi

Duong Sy

Alena Tabora

Antoinette Tabora

Betty Tabora

Tony and Fely Tabora

Danielle Tipton

Cathy Tulio

Darren Villegas

Mike Vogel

Heidi Wagoner

Stephanie Wandke

John C. Weaver III

Megan White

Bobby Wong

Jackie Yang

Tom Yip

Diana Zaslaw

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